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Labyrinths are becoming popular throughout the world, and are now being used in private gardens. They have been used for centuries as a spiritual tool, helping people to meditate and relax and de-stress. Often surrounded by lavender or other calming herbs, a labyrinth of any size can be included in most garden designs.

A pathway need not be boring. It can become a feature on its own.

Bomas are often added in a quiet corner of the property, both as an entertainment area as well as a spot to “get away from it all.” We prefer to design the boma individually, to the client’s specifications, and to fit the site.

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Labyrinth design

The labyrinth path

There is no right way to walk the labyrinth path. There is one path in and out, and there are no decisions to be made as to which way to turn. The only decision is whether to enter and walk. The labyrinth is flat on the ground, with no walls or tricks to confuse us.

Viewed as a metaphor for life’s journey, the labyrinth offers lessons as we walk the path. It can offer a mirror to reflect where we are in our lives. Walking the labyrinth can assist us to address challenges, gain insights, make decisions, and find peace and serenity.

Cleansing water to wash your hands is offered at the entrance to the labyrinth, and you are invited to journey to the centre (taking your shoes off is an option), where you can sit “beneath the Olives.” The Wild Olive tree is the indigenous symbol of abundance, glory and peace.

The labyrinth walk is a three-fold journey.

The walk into the labyrinth is a time of preparation. As you walk in, observe yourself to see what thoughts emerge, what memories come to you, and reflect on these times, the easy, the difficult, the joyful and the sad. Simply observe each thought, release it and let it go.

The centre of the labyrinth represents receptivity and illumination. It is here that you will be showered with the blessings of God. You may spend as long as you want in the centre of the labyrinth, which represents being in the heart of God.

The walk out represents union with God, and allows time for gathering of strength, and willingness to face the world beyond this pathway, knowing that you may return to the centre whenever you wish.

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